Quiet Classroom Environment

In early 2002,  the idea to create a product to meet a long standing need in the institutional furniture market began.  After several years of research and development Fuzzy Feet Chair Glides were introduced to the market place.  Since that time, thousands of Fuzzy Feet have sold across the nation and helped teachers, school administrators and facility managers solve several problems all at one time.

Our patented Fuzzy Feet Chair Glides are unique due to the design that provides peace and quiet in the classroom and protects floors from premature damage.  It is estimated that 38,000 children have been recipients of Cochlear implants as of December 2012. With our soft, felt chair glides in your classroom, children with Cochlear implants are more at ease due to the decrease in noise from chair and desks moving across the floor. This is a simple solution to give educators control of an unnecessary noise in the classroom.

Everything we do is done around the precept of serving the customer with a high quality product that will help alleviate these problems in the classroom so they can focus on the children and teaching.

Fuzzy Feet have been tested and created with the most durable products so they will last and be a good investment for our customers.   Our testing simulations insure our product will hold up to everyday wear and tear.  Along with years of actual use in the market and our testing data, only proves Fuzzy Feet Chair Glides are built to last and the best on the market.

Our customer service is unsurpassed and we stand behind our product that is created 100% in the USA.  We look forward to serving you and your school system. Feel free to call us at 888-953-8999 or go to our menu to request a sample of Fuzzy Feet Chair Glides.