Industrial Protection

Fuzzy Feet © Chair Glides are molded from heavy-duty plastic and finished off with an industrial strength felt footing. The sturdy, compact structure will not corrode the metal legs or break off the swivel feet of your desks and chairs like tennis balls.

Long Lasting

Fuzzy Feet, LLC put the Fuzzy Feet © Chair Glide through testing simulations to ensure our product would hold up to the wear and tear of constant use. This data along with years in actual use in the market proves Fuzzy Feet © Chair Glides are built to last.

The Psmallshot_tennisballatented Fuzzy Feet Design

Desk and chairs can scuff and ruin expensive flooring. Fuzzy Feet © Chair Glides work great on tile, wood, linoleum, and other smoother flooring. It’s the perfect solution for classrooms, cafeterias, laboratories, meeting rooms and gymnasiums.  The remarkable design creates a buffer which protects your flooring reducing waxing time and expense through your entire facility. Not only are Fuzzy Feet © Chair Glides budget friendly, but the special felt bottoms are a noise reducer for stressed-out teachers.

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