Cost Cutting by Using Fuzzy Feet Desk and Chair Glides

During the summer months in school buildings, there is a lot of sweeping, mopping, stripping and waxing floors.  Fuzzy Feet Chair and Desk Glides reduce the wear and tear of vinyl and linoleum floor surfaces in the classroom. So as the desks and chairs are getting moved around, your floors will remain in excellent condition.

Because they can be used for more than one school year, your monthly facility and smallshot_tennisballmaintenance flooring expenses will decrease. Since our glides are easy to remove and easy to slip back on, as desks, chairs and other furniture get moved out of a classroom, you can just remove and store the Fuzzy Feet for safe keeping until the new school year begins.

Protect your hard earned time and money spent maintaining classroom floors, and invest in durable, long lasting, high-quality Fuzzy Feet Chair and Desk Glides. Our unique and patented product has been tested and used in many classrooms across America.  Request a FREE sample pack and see how your floors will be protected, with Fuzzy Feet.